Welcome to learning more about my unique books on Science, Technology, and History. I’m an engineer who is also interested in many unusual subjects. I’ve written books on Professional Coaching, the Paranormal, Spirituality, Longevity/Immortality, Science Fiction, and this area. Here are some of my titles and why you will find them really interesting:
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Designing and Building Space Colonies - A Blueprint for the Future

This book is an update of some of the books from the 1970s on space colonization and how space settlement might evolve in the future. Lots of technology included too. Many pictures and visualizations included.
Aliens and Secret Technology- A Theory of the Hidden Truth
Starts with a history of UFOs and Aliens. Then gets into the science and technology of incredible transportation. Also, some secret projects which seem to be real but with incredible results. Projects like Serpo and CARET. Also, probably secret technology our government has been working
Aliens Are Already Among Us
The focus of this book is on Aliens having visited or living on this Earth. There is lots of evidence that not only are Aliens on Earth during the present but have been here for thousands if not millions of years. There are lots of stories and some good evidence that this is all true. Even today there are videos of alien craft, and stories in the news about our government still studying and reporting on Aliens visiting us.
Future Predictions By an Engineer and Seer
What new technologies will change in the future? What about social and other trends of humanity.?
What big paradigm shifts will we have in our civilization?
Read about many trends in technology, social development, and more, as well as some detailed predictions of what the future will be like
The Real Atlantis-In the Eye of the Sahara
There have been many books and movies about whether Atlantis really existed and where it was located. Now we have a new candidate location which meets the criteria established by Plato much better than any of the other candidates. A location which is the exact same size as the fabled city and is located by more than one ancient source. The story of the Eye of the Sahara is truly amazing and once you read it you will become convinced like I am of this logically being the real location of the mythical city of Atlantis.Lots of history and related information in this study of where Atlantis was really located.
Humanity and the Universe
The Universe is a mysterious place.
What are some of the most interesting facts about it?
And are there things about space outside of Earth which we should consider?
Lots of thought-provoking issues about the Universe and Man's place in it
On Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal

Using the Scientific Method to Study the Paranormal” is an analysis of how the un-measurable can be measured. The basis of Science is the ability to test a Hypothesis. This can only be done by having instruments which can measure the phenomena in question. If measurements can’t be made then Science can’t be conducted. After discussing some of his personal histories with Paranormal experiences, the Author proposes some ideas to allow scientific validation of the paranormal which is normally a very subjective experience.

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